How to Assemble a Computer Desk

Store brought furniture, online shopping and several other portals such as those help customers choose and put together their own furniture. Often there are ways of purchasing furniture that is completely fixed together but transportation costs and such once added, turns out to be inconvenient.

For this, companies send across broken furniture with fully shaped parts, some tools and a manual to work things out and to fix the piece yourself.


One of the major kinds of furniture which is often unassembled is the computer desk. They are chosen for the computer and are set up in such a way so as to accommodate extra cabinets, the computer itself and the desk drawers so as to become full of purpose and stand upright. You can get them in either two variations i.e. regular desk or an L-Shaped Computer desk which is our preferred choice.

With some time and help from the manual; and online blog samples such as this article, you shall gain the knowledge required to set up the desk yourself. The start to scratch finish effort is gloriously satisfying and the urge to complete it will be worth every minute. However, if you’d like to skip the assembling part yourself then I’d recommend you read through these top recommendations for the best computer desks for home use.

Here are few of the pointers majorly required that must be taken into consideration for the same!

Manual Power

The manual which arrived with the furniture is what will be your go-to sample for every wrong step taken and every right step that will be rejoiced. The manual will have sections dedicated to each part that needs building and methodically assisting yourself with this booklet will take hold of your fears and shove them aside.

Being right or wrong here is not a bad outcome, since the experience is what will be truly fun and of course; the end result of a fully functioning computer desk at your service.

Counting Parts

At times, some stores forget to send all the parts required. This could be something as small as a screw or something like a panel which is required to seal the desk from the outside.

Creating a list of all the parts, counting them while you’re rebuilding and finally putting them together is an integral element to this process. Never overlook even the smallest of nuts and bolts since every little item is required to construct the desk.

Place the perfect tools

Tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, mallets, super glue and such are often needed to put together a desk. If these tools are absent, make sure to visit a hardware store and get these ready.

Making sure that the tools are not rusted is important, because even the tiniest of injuries would be disastrous.

Wrenches are usually needed to tighten the desk pieces together. They work better than screwdrivers but each tool is different and their positioning in the way of building is also different. One tool can’t overlap the other but knowing the basics drastically helps and at the same time, the work can be quickly sorted through for the most part.

Safety and precaution is necessary for any kind of work and here, there is nothing any less different. Gloves, a rough cloth and extra care must always be taken in order to work for results and that too, responsibly.

Ask for help

Asking the store helper, an assistant or your friend for help to mantle the desk together is not a crime. You may be able to do it alone but two pairs of hands can work much faster and your job will be reduced to half the time if you have somebody working at the same pace as you.

Some computer desks have scores of parts, little panels, drawers, pull-out slots, tray sections and so much more. Some advanced computer desks also come with sections to keep a printer, scanner, Xerox machine, fax printer and more at various ends for general use. Therefore, putting all this and more together requires time, effort and compliance in respect to both parties.

Put on some music, skim through the manual and form a planning lay out. Watch how the desk slowly comes into form, one way or another with sufficient help and guidance to finally be your masterpiece.

Screw parts together

Nuts and bolts must be taken care of and slowly screwed together right till the end. At times, if you end up cross threading the bolts, they don’t reach the entire way down.

This causes it to unscrew at a rapid face and not be as sturdy as you assumed, thus making the desk seem unsteady and precariously on edge. if something like this happens, make sure that you pull your feet out and keep your hands to the side, cradling the desk gently so that it doesn’t hit the ground.

At times it it’s too heavy, saving it won’t do you much good because of its weight and the sudden force with which it shall come down.

To avoid issues like these, always make sure that you bolt the screws right, wrenching them together until you hear them squeak, tightening the pieces to make them resilient to all sorts of pushing and manhandling. Give it a try first, after mantling the desk together.

If the desk seems wobbly, go through the parts all over again and secure it firmly until you’re sure. The desk needs to hold the computer, cabinets full of folders and files, books, binders and so much more. Therefore it has to be sturdy and durable despite all the odds considered.

Cleanliness is the key

Often particles like saw dust, stray pieces of paper, bits of polythene etcetera get caught between the cabinet doors, slider drawers and such while being put in place.

Always clear out the dust, wipe down the table and gently untangle wires of the computer connection before finally using the computer on the brand new put-together desk.

This helps in eliminating possible tripped wires or plug detachments before powering the computer.

Keeping the assembled desk clean, tidy and organized must be your priority always. That is when you’ll finally realize the fun task of putting together your computer desk is worth the time and effort.


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