Best Bathing Tubs for Your Baby

Bathing is one time where mothers either enjoy a lot or go through a lot of pain. Kids generally have different reaction towards bathing. Some can’t resist splashing happily in the water, while others fill bucks from their tears.

If you have a kid that gets cranky during bathing, then you should find the reason as to why he doesn’t feel comfortable and solve it because bathing is not just an occasion where your baby gets clean, it is also a time for you to make a special bond with him.

I have mentioned this in several of my previous articles, and I will say it again, adult items must not be used for kids. They are not safe and can put your kid in danger of premature death. Adult bath tubs can harm your baby in multiple ways. If you want to make sure that your baby remains safe at all time during bathing, you should invest in a baby bath tub.

In this post, I will tell you about a list of top 10 baby bath tubs that are rated the best for 2016.More baby product recommendations:

More baby product recommendations:

Fisher price 4-in-1 sling and seat – This baby bath tub is a multipurpose unit that will let you clean your baby and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Munchkin White – This is an inflatable bath tub that inflates to a pretty yellow duck that kids adore. If you have a cranky baby, then you should bathe him in this bath tub. I am sure that when he will see this cute bath tub, he will stop crying.

Fisher Price Calming Waters Vibration Tub – Have you ever been in a Jacuzzi? The experience is amazing right!? Give your baby a similar experience with this amazing vibrating bath tub. You won’t be able to stop smiling when you will see your kid having a ton of fun.

Summer Infant Lil’ – This baby bath tub is targeted towards the affluent and comes with a host of premium features. First of all, it is capable of creating a Whirlpool and bubble bath by itself. These two things kids love the most.

Fisher Price Whale tub – This medium priced item is fairly larger than other bath-tubs and is designed to accommodate large babies.

Primo EuroBath Blue – This blue coloured bath tub looks and feels premium. It comes with a host of techniques to make babies enjoy bathing.

Summer Infant Bath Center – This affordable baby bath tub is sold in several colours. One of the most popular colous among parents is the violet colour. This is a unisex colour and kids of both gender love bathing in this bath tub.

4Moms Infant Tub – If you want a safe and secure bathing tub for your baby and don’t mind spending a little premium, then you should buy this baby bath tub.

The First Years tub – This tub will help you clean your baby from when he is an infant to when he becomes a toddler.

Karibu Baby Folding bath – This folding bath tub defines the term luxury. I can’t believe how it looks and feels.

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