5 Quick ways of Managing your Kitchen

When you open your kitchen cabinet do things fall out or are you never able to find that one perfect condiment for your dish? My friend, you are at the right place. For all of us who spend half of our lives finding things in our kitchens here are 5 quick ways of managing your kitchen like boss!!

like a boss


But there is a simple solution to this problem use stickers on containers to mark the content in them or an even better idea is to use transparent boxes so that you can easily identify what’s inside the box. For spices which look similar, simply write the name on a card strip and slip it inside the glass bottle. Segregate your kitchen shelves for keeping similar items such as types of oils, or different flours. You can even use airtight plastic bags to keep cereals, snacks, and cookies as they will take lesser space and would remain crisp and new even after multiple uses .


How many times did it happen while cooking a dish you needed something but it was nowhere to be found?? I SWEAR I KEPT IT THERE!! Happens all the time, be sure to keep each and everything you use, back in its right place immediately after using it as it will save you time the next time you need it and you won’t have to flip the whole kitchen upside down for that little bottle of vanilla essence you bought last month.


If you’re as lazy as I am, Trust me you’ll love this. Line the bottom of your shelves with old newspaper or disposable plastic wraps and when you feel that there is dirt on your shelves and it’s getting sticky simply remove the paper or plastic and behold a completely clean shelf again! Don’t forget to cover them up again.I got a long Moen Pull down faucet (read reviews at KitchenGuyd) as it will not only clean up faster but will also protect that wooden shelf from getting stained. Another clever idea is to paint the kitchen walls with washable paint or cover them up with easy clean tiles, so that when they get stained because of that curry you can simply grab a sponge and soap water and restore it to its original beautiful self with ease.

4.SAY NO TO HOARDING!!: Oh! It’s a sale and rice is half price!! Let me get 6 kgs of it!! ABSOLUTELY NO! Your mind is programmed in such a way that it will always want more. Trust me the world is not ending and you don’t need a year of supplies stacked up in your kitchen shelves. This habit not only occupies the kitchen space but results in a lot of wastage too, as we are never going to eat one kilogram of lettuce in a day anyway!! Make a list of all the things that you would require in the upcoming month or two for raw materials such as rice, flour ,condiments etc. and take a photograph of the things you already have in your kitchen, every week before going to the grocery store as, the fresher your vegetables, the better your dishes.

5.APPLIANCES AND UTENSILS: NEVER buy an appliance because you think it’s fancy to look at or if it is a single-use utensil. Are you going to use that dim sum steamer you bought on Christmas, ever??It is advisable to give away such appliances as they use space but also clutter up if not used regularly, same goes for unused utensils. Make use of the walls to hang up shelves and keep all the utensils which you require daily in accessible range at all times so that you don’t have to look for them everywhere.

VOILA!! You can now manage your kitchen easily and enjoy cooking instead of looking!

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